balance works closely with NHS commissioners, health and social care professionals to inspire and engage pharmacists in the delivery of patient services enabling them to improve the quality and quantity of consultations which leads to:

  • access to consistently high quality services
  • improved and informed adherence to treatment
  • less waste
  • multi-disciplinary integration
  • reduced unplanned and unnecessary secondary care attendances and admissions
  • more effective and cost-effective use of resources

This is achieved through the development of strategic partnerships, shared goals and collaborative working with all healthcare professionals and NHS managers.

balance has previously been commissioned by Portsmouth City teaching PCT to project manage the development and implementation of a local and national framework for Healthy Living Pharmacies under the remit of the Pharmacy in England White Paper and the National Public Health Leadership Forum. Director Deborah Evans FRPharmS is a member of the Healthy Living Pharmacy Task group within the Pharmacy and Public Health Forum, led by Public Health England.