balance is run by pharmacists with a practical understanding of the needs of pharmacists and the rapidly changing role they must now adopt to secure ongoing business and professional success.

Our programmes are designed to provide knowledge and new skills to assist pharmacists to make effective health interventions, manage the implementation of change through effective team leadership to optimise value for their patients and the public. Underpinning every balance programme is the recognition that being motivated to change professional practice and engage in new service is an important step for all within the pharmacy team.

Central to our pharmacy programmes, we adopt a 'coaching' approach rather than a telling one. Pharmacists, faced with ambivalence, wish to make the right intervention and this technique puts the patient/client at the centre, gives them control and helps to resolve uncertainty to achieve behavioural change and more successful health outcomes over a wide range of clinical and health targets.

We have been involved in developing and leading the award-winning Healthy Living Pharmacy concept and have a range of services and support resources to enable Healthy Living Pharmacy within the community. This includes leadership development, Health Champion training and development, project management support, business planning and resources on why and how to develop the concept within practice and the benefits to the local population.